3D scan and print

Assistive devices in orthopedics, occupational therapy, as well as in the workplace, are often customized for the person using that device. In the past, this often resulted in a time- and labor-intensive process. With 3D scanning and 3D printing, this can be done digitized, automated and faster! Moreover, the digital process offers more possibilities in designing.

At Mobilab & Care we have expertise in every step of this process: 3D scanning of the limbs, designing the device based on that scan (parametric or not) and choosing the right printing technique to achieve a successful result.




Veerle Creylman

Kris Cuppens

Inge Van den Herrewegen

Inge Van den Herrewegen

Tom Saey

Roy Sevit

Mario Broeckx

Daniel Morales

Tessa Delien

Eveline De Raeve

Luiza Muraru


What can we do for you?

Do you want to implement the process from 3D scan to 3D print for assistive devices in your company?
Can we support you in the design process, the choice of the right printing technique or do you want to know what is already out there?
Then don’t hesitate to contact us!



Artec Eva 3D scanner

Artec Leo 3D scanner

Spectra 3D scanner (Vorum)

Structure sensor (occipital) + iPad

Structure sensor mark II (Occipital)

Structure core (Occipital)

Intel realsense d435 and d415

Raise 3D pro 2 plus FDM printer



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Saey, T. , Cuppens, K., Delien, T., Broeckx, M., Creylman, V. (2020). Digital design of bespoke aids for activities of daily living. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference, ICCHP 2020