Technologie voor Slimmere Zorg

At Mobilab & Care, we want to ensure that everyone’s quality of life is optimal. Our expertise in various technological areas such as artificial intelligence, monitoring systems, 3D scanning and printing, robotics, biomechanical testing… allows us to research, develop and test practically applicable innovations to be used in the care sector.

We thus use technology to make healthcare smarter. For example, by offering an active exoskeleton that supports CVA patients in rehabilitation exercises. Or by creating an app that monitors and guides heart failure patients.

So one of our two missions is: technology for smarter care. To strengthen care through our technological innovations, which offer additional possibilities and support, without detracting from existing care.

We use this expertise to develop our own prototypes as well as to support business innovations for the healthcare sector and innovation in education. For example, we help orthopedic companies to better match their devices to patients through extensive controlled testing in our motion lab.